High Ticket Workshops™

I spent two thirds of 2019 developing my iconic Client Magnet Posts™ which allowed me to attract ideal clients from organic social media posts alone.

The next step was to create a way to leverage all of these leads, to be able to convert many clients at once, in a simple, repeatable monthly system.

Enter: High Ticket Workshops...

When I ran my first High Ticket Workshop in November 2019, I made over $18,000 selling 6 high ticket clients a brand new program, from just 220 leads I attracted from organic Client Magnet Posts. 

Over the next 90 days, we optimised that same workshop by repeating the same content multiple times, until we could  sell 10 high ticket clients at a time and grow our sales to $56,000 in a single week.


I spent two thirds of 2019 developing my iconic Client Magnet Posts™ which allowed me to attract ideal clients from organic social media posts alone.

The next step was to create a way to leverage all of these leads, to be able to convert many clients at once, in a simple, repeatable monthly system.

Enter: High Ticket Workshops...

Why do I believe in and love workshops? 

Because they are simple & repeatable...

In the past I've worked hundreds of hours and spent months building a product launch... only to be too exhausted to repeat it for many months. But with a workshop, I've created and filled it in just a couple of weeks, then simple repeated the same content multiple times over to keep profiting over and over again.

They are low tech and high on human connection...

If you can use Facebook, you can run a High Ticket Workshop! And in every workshop, I get hundreds of comments and create relationships with my ideal client leads at scale.

They don't require a large list...

Because they are highly interactive, you don't need tons of people in your workshop to sell your high ticket offer. It's easy to fill your workshop simply via organic Client Magnet Posts as myself and my clients have done.

They are very scalable... 

While it's possible to fill your High Ticket Workshop organically, we have also used paid ads to get even more people in one workshop, doubling the amount of clients we can enrol at once.

Since I ran my first online workshop in 2015, I've spent thousands of hours (and hundreds of thousands of dollars) learning all about marketing and selling online. 

There is a strategy to creating workshops that convert to high ticket clients and I'm going to teach you my secrets in this program!


"2 weeks to set up the Workshop, and I made $47k from it in 3 months!"

Jo Zulaica - Leadership Coach

"I haven't made less than $10k a month since my second month in the program"

Brockell Briddle - Mentor to Yoga Teachers



High ticket WOrkshops video trainings

Here's what you'll learn:

  • ​Crafting the Workshop Concept: how to choose the perfect topic your nano-niche will love, and script a learning experience so powerful that everyone is talking about it!
  • ​Simple Tech Set Up: how to set up and run the challenge in the simplest and most powerful way, based on 6 months of testing (and plenty of fails)
  • ​​​Unlimited Leads: Learn our step-by-step process to turn Client Magnet Posts into Facebook ads and maximise your return on investment so that you can automate your lead generation and scale to any level
  • Launch Checklist: get my entire step-by-step workflow so everything runs like clockwork.
  • Maximum Engagement: The tactics we've learned to get the most registrants actually consuming your content (because content and engagement is key to sales)
  • Ultimate Conversion Scripts: The subtle sales hacks I dot throughout the workshop to maximise sales, and the exact Call to Action script I use in each live pitch to sell $50k+ a month in programmes.
  • ​Email Sequence Templates: Get my email sequence ready-made of livestream reminders and sales emails 


Small Group coaching Calls

Get expert coaching over 3 months from Rab on Workshop Strategy, and from Rosie on Mindset & Energetic Alignment. 

  • 9x small-group coaching calls where the coaches know you and your business intimately
  • Always get your questions answered when you attend the calls


NEW MODULE - Claim Your Vision

Throughout these last 5 months together, I've heard many statements about your desires such as:

"I can't even see it or picture it for myself"
"I'm feeling so much resistance"
"I don't even know what I want"

In my coaching experience, what holds most people back is not a lack of talent ...it's a lack of vision for their success - and genuinely believing that it's possible for them to have it.

But how do we claim what we desire, and hold that vision in our minds day in and day out until we reach it regardless of external circumstances?

In this new bonus module, we will cover...

  • How to claim what you want - choosing a clear vision for your personal version of success
  • How to overcome inner conflicts based on old belief systems that cloud your ability to envision your future
  • How to move past blocks and fears that it will be stressful, or require sacrifice
  • ​How to overcome flagging self belief so you can persevere toward your goal every day
  • ​How to create a schedule to move forward without overwhelm
  • ​How to consistently make progress toward your vision without resistance
  • ​How to develop an 'anything is possible' mindset and self belief

- 1:1 Feedback -


Submit your Progress Check-In forms each week and get personalised feedback on your strategy and progress from our expert coaches who will oversee your progress week by week.

This will ensure that we help you remove any obstacles and get focused on exactly what you need to be doing day by day each week to launch your High Ticket Workshop!

What you'll get:

  • Weekly 1:1 feedback on your Progress Check-In Form
  • ​Get expert advice on your specific weekly goals and what you need  to complete them



We all need banners for our business and work. Unless you're a designer, design can be VERY time consuming - which is why we will grant you access to free designs from a team of designers we work with! 

How does it work? All you'll have to do is fill a form and get your design sent back to you.

What's included:

  • ​1 banner design request every month
  • ​​You can repurpose the banner for you Facebook group, Facebook page, profile, LinkedIn etc.
  • ​3 revisions per design
  • ​In case you need more designs we can discuss that request depending on the availability of designers


sales call role plays EVERY MONTH

A lot of you (including experienced people) have been asking for more support on sales calls so you can have people be excited to sign up for your services NOW. In the last three rounds of Client Magnet, I've moved the sales process to an application only sales call. These have been incredibly successful - 80% of qualified people enrol.

So, I will be hosting monthly sales call role play calls. These will let you get regular practice and expert feedback on your sales calls.

Whether you have a specific issue that keeps coming up, or you just want to learn by example, I will be hosting monthly sales call role play calls where I act as sales person and you act as your clients.

What you'll learn:

  • ​Get practice in seeing how to run successful sales calls
  • ​Learn how to handle objections smoothly and ethically
  • ​Learn from the sales issues facing other IIA members so you can handle them well when they show up on your own calls



I'm excited for this one! As part of the Alumni Exclusive programme, you get ANOTHER free ticket (on top of the Cannes ticket) to my second retreat of the year!

The Connaught, Mayfair, London - likely 2021

  • Join me & the IIA family AGAIN in person to uplevel your business and mindset for 2021
  • The topics will be tailor made to suit your needs closer to the time
  • This is an amazing opportunity to connect, deep dive on your business and raise your energy
  • ​Soak in the energy of one of the richest and most elegant cities in the world
  • ​Meet me for two days at the Connaught Hotel, one of the most beautiful hotels in London
  • insider info: it's where I celebrated my wedding! And the best Afternoon Tea anywhere, as seen in the picture below :)
  • Get coaching and guidance on the quantum leaps available to you
  • ​Develop long lasting, high vibe friendships with people who get your goals and challenges as an entrepreneur
  • ​​This life-changing retreat will help you map out how to maximise 2021 for your business

* This event will include attendees from the IIA students enrolled at the time



In addition to the High Ticket Workshops program, you will also receive access to our signature Impact Accelerator.

This business incubator teaches the foundations required for success in High Ticket Workshops: 
discovering your magnetic message, creating Client Magnet Posts that attract ideal clients, creating a high ticket Maximum Value Offer

  •  Discover your magnetic message with our Nano-Niching™ research process
  • Attract hundreds of ideal clients with our Client Magnet Posts system™
  • Create a high ticket Maximum Value Offer your clients love to buy
  • Sell more clients with fewer sales calls with our Ethical Sales Process that will make you fall in love with sales
  • ​THE INNER CIRCLE COACHING: ​9x Weekly Small Group Coaching Calls
  • EXCLUSIVE PRIVATE CLIENT FACEBOOK COMMUNITY: a community of like-minded coaches & healers all taking our programs with you

Join High Ticket Workshops Now:

What You'll Get in High Ticket Workshops™  

  • High Ticket Workshops video training program​ 
  • 9x Small Group Coaching Calls over 3 months 
  • ​Weekly 1:1 Feedback on Strategy via Voxer
  • ​Access to Impact Accelerator Program

Pay in Full - save $900



Pay Monthly

4x $2000

4x $1,350

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