Client results
Check out how our clients have transformed after working with us:
"I signed 19 clients and hit $10k months by the 3rd month”
Kerrie Nygard - Weight Loss Coach - USA
"I haven't made less than $10k a month since my 2nd month"
Brockell Briddle - Yoga Mentor - USA
"I got clear on my message and had a £10k DAY as a womb shaman!”
Debs Stanley - Womb Shaman - UK
“I got 14 high ticket clients and I feel so confident in the work I do now”
Jill Coole - Hypnotherapist - Australia
"$82k and counting" since she joined the program!
Jo Zulaica - Leadership Coach - USA
“I got 11 high ticket clients and hit $10k-14k every month! It feels easy!”
Arianna Banuelos - Fertility & Mom Coach - US
"I made more in the last 3 months in this program than all last year"
Kathy Fritz - Menopause Coach - USA
"$10,400 in month 1... $15,600 in the pipeline for month 2!"
Lynda Carpenter - Cancer Specialist - USA
"I hit my $7k goal & I'm now booked out 4 months in advance now"
Lucie Krobova - Home Organiser - Netherlands
"I got 5 high ticket clients, made $10k and all have renewed as well!"
Lisa Sarick - Soul Purpose Coach - USA
"My business grew by 30% and I feel  more visible, worthy and confident"
Kathy Metdenancxt - Kids Meditation - Belgium
From $100 a session to $10k month in just 13 weeks
Natasha Burns - Homeopath - UK
"I hit my goal of $4k in months 1-3, then hit $10k easily in month 4!"
Chrissie Catling - RTT for Trauma - Australia
"I've had a $5k week and filled my program with spiritual authenticity"
Deana Pacqua - Shamanic Practitioner - USA
"I've found my voice and I'm now working with high ticket clients"
Kamilla Harra - Spiritual Coach - Ireland
"I've doubled and tripled my income every month since joining"
Amani Kaite - Gut Health Nutritionist - UK
"I had a $5k week and I quit 
my day job!"
Anna Fryxelius - Chronic Pain Specialist - Norway
"I've had 7 high ticket clients so far and more are coming!"
Farah Asif - Personal Branding Coach - France
"I've gained skills for life and I'm more confidence putting myself out there"
Pascale Lane - Relationships Coach - UK
"I had to open an extra day in my practice and I've sold high ticket!"
Nicole Schlogel - Vegan Midwife - N. Ireland
"From 0 business to 500 post engagements - each module wows me"
Ismenia Alvarez - Insomnia Coach - UK
"I created my first High Ticket Offer and found the right clients"
Eva-Lotta Runfors - Leadership Coach - Sweden
"I got 4 clients, I built a high ticket offer, I have clarity & focus & belief"
Melanie Seed - Spiritual Healer - Ireland
"I booked 14 sales calls - I have a method now where I didn't before"
Teresa Diniz - Confidence Coach - Belgium
"I felt supported 100% of the time" "I've sold for $3,500"
Maaike Saenz - Menopause Coach - USA
"Impact Accelerator is the best program I've ever taken"
Daphnie Leigh - Anixety Coach - USA
"I'm making money and I finally have a structure to my business"
Emelie Johanna - Spiritual Relationships - Sweden
"$6,000 in a week - and I'm a new entrepreneur!"
Olga Dos Santos - Wellness Coach - Canada
"I re-started from scratch, built my program, got 2 clients & more calls"
Amy Hillenbrand - Procrastination Coach - USA
"I've raised my prices and signed 2 high ticket clients so far"
Jennifer Hartzog - Back Pain Healer - USA

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"It gave me permission to be me and promote myself in an aligned way"
Kimberly Kwon Davis - USA
"$6,000 in coaching income so far vs. $1,000 the year before"
Stacy Kellogg - USA

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"Loved the individualised coaching - this program is different from others"
Dorothy Villeneuve - Canada
"The smartest decision I've ever made professionally & personally"
Janie Graham - Scotland

Book a call to discuss which of our programs will help you to your goal:

Book a call to discuss which of our programs will help you to your goal:

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