Create Income &  Impact
Create Income &  Impact
My {Income & Impact} method™ helps coaches & Healers grow to Consistent $10k+ Months And Have a huge impact on Their Clients & The World
What We Do...
We help impact-driven coaches & healers who are committed to creating abundance and changing the world in their own unique way. 

We help them by teaching simple & effective business, mindset and energetic strategies to create consistent income & impact. 

We want coaches & healers to thrive and live in abundance so they can invest their energy into contributing by sharing their gifts with the world. 
We know we are successful when these impact makers are making the income & impact they desire.

We focus on caring for each member individually, developing a long term relationship to help you grow. 
About Rosie...
Rosie Freiha specialises in helping coaches, healers to implement simple & effective business, mindset and energetic strategies so they can create consistent income & impact.

She believes that we all have a role to play in making the world a better place, but we cannot have our greatest impact without a platform to reach our clients.

Rosie is a double-certified coach and an experienced business owner. She started her career consulting hedge funds before transitioning to coaching in 2014. Since then she has inspired over 10,000 people to start their own service-based businesses.
Previous Clients Say:
Jo Zulaica - USA
Dorothy Villeneuve - Canada
Janie Graham - Scotland
Jessica Nazarali - Australia
Let's Connect!
I believe we all deserve to create the impact we are here to make.

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