It's time to
Grow Your Business
Learn how to Scale Your coaching or healing business to $20-50k a month, so you can Share your message  and help more people
Jessica Nazarali
Founder, Jessica Nazarali Consulting, Uplevel Agency and Founder of the ItGirl Foundation
Create More Impact
You have gifts and a huge transformational power. It's time to share that with more people.
I know how it feels to be spinning your wheels in business.

It's so tough to live in lack. You can't show up in the world the way you want to.

You can't get your message out there.

You can't hire the staff you need.

You can't even give your best to your clients.

It feels so shameful not making progress in business. From your family, to your old colleagues, even to your clients - all eyes are on you to make it. 

Because your clients are watching you. They are looking to YOU as their leader to be inspired. And if you're writhing in fear about paying your bills, that's going to show.

I've battled with the frustration of seeing everyone else get their $10k months and 7 figure revenues... 

They made it look so easy, and it made me wonder if I just wasn't cut out to be successful.

The truth is - making money CAN be easy. I've manifested as much as $102,700 in just 2 weeks! Talk about a miracle!

But manifesting will NOT work when your own self-identity doesn't match with the outcome you desire.

It doesn't matter how many times you watch The Secret, or visualise, or write your goals...

If you do not have an Abundance Identity, you won't see any abundance flowing your way.

I've been through all of this, and that's why I've made it my mission to help amazing, mission based female entrepreneurs create the abundance they deserve.

I've been a coach for many years. I've studied with the best in the field of the human mind and spirituality, from Tony Robbins to Dr. Joe Dispenza to Donny Epstein, spiritual advisor to household names and presidents alike.

I've inspired over 10,000 women to create the lives they dream of.

And now I want to help YOU create the abundance you deserve.

I know you've tried the Law of Attraction before. Likely you had mixed (or even no) results. Maybe it worked to get a parking spot now and again, but when it comes to money.... nada.

You're a natural-born manifestor. You've got what it takes to create any abundance you desire. 

But you're blocking your natural abilities because you currently align with Lack, not Abundance. 

With an Abundance Identity, your very being matches the outcome you want.

There's no need to go burn out struggling for the result you want...

...Your results will find you!

It's time to stop running in circles in your business, staying stuck and not making progress. 

It doesn't matter how many "magic bullet" marketing strategies you try...  if you don't have an Abundance Identity you'll find a way to sabotage your success!

We all know someone who didn't get the chance to maximise their life. Life is too short , too precious, and too amazing to waste.

As entrepreneurs, we're here for a reason. We have a mission to help other people too. And we can't do that when we're blocking our success and staying small.

It's time to shift your relationship with money. To be able to call in any amount at will. To create the opportunities you need to fulfil your purpose in this world in a BIG way.

Enough feeling afraid, alone, frustrated and ashamed around money.

With an Abundance Identity, you create certainty around your abilities. You'll feel confident, supported, unlimited. That's how we are MEANT to feel!

You'll finally be able to take the trips, invest in the mentors, hire the team and LIVE the life you're currently just dreaming of.

And most importantly, remember that people are watching YOU. Whether it's your clients, your kids, even your community - when you live unlimited, it gives them the gift of inspiring them to live that way too.
So Here's What to Do Next:
1. Book a free consultation
We'll dig deep to understand what's personally holding you back from the success you deserve, and create a customised plan to create your own Abundance Identity.
2. Coach with me 1:1
We'll execute your Abundance Identity plan together so you can create the success you deserve, and make the impact you are here to have. 

You have my highest level of support - these are one-to-one deep dive sessions, with unlimited messenger support in between sessions for whenever you need an extra boost.
This Opportunity is Right For You If:
  • You're a coach, healer or someone who helps people for a living
  • You're beyond the absolute basics of business like finding your niche
  • ​You have the financial means to invest in your own growth
  • You're mission-focused and determined to make a positive impact on the world
  • ​You want to develop your consciousness and deepen your spiritual connection
  • ​You want to create more ease, flow and alignment in your life and business

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