Get coaching, strategy & energy shifts to grow your business, hit your goals and have the impact you desire!

Option 1: High Ticket Workshops

Program Goals:

+ Set Up A Repeatable System to Create Consistent $20k-50k+ Months
+ Become a Well-Known Leader in Your Industry
+ Sell One to Many and Fill Your Programs
+ Develop a Low-Ticket "Taster" Offer
+ Use Ads to Scale Your Impact

High Ticket Workshops™ Teaches You To:

+ Develop your very own High Ticket Workshopwhich is proven to sell your programs consistently
+ Scale your reach with ads so you can attract as many clients as you desire!
+ Write sales pages to sell low ticket items for passive income
+ Learn how to sell One-To-Many so you can make more sales in a short period of time & fill your program each month

"15 clients: my first $30k month!"

Olga - Energetics Coach - Canada



Or, join us for a full year in Inner Circle to get not just High Ticket Workshops but ALL our programs AND a full year of coaching!

Our yearlong, all-inclusive program to drastically uplevel your business

A lot can happen in a year. Early on in my business when I was making just $500 a month as a new coach, I joined a yearlong program to deep dive into business strategy and success mindset.

In just 12 months, I grew my monthly revenue from $500 per month... to $50k in a single month!

If you want to experience huge shifts in your business, it's important to deep dive for a prolonged period to benefit from the momentum you will create working with the right coach.

Innner Circle with Rosie & Rab gives you that deep dive space to create massive shifts - you won't even recognise yourself one year on!

What is included in Inner Circle with Rosie & Rab?

Impact Accelerator

Create a high ticket program that sells, develop your magnetic messaging and shift your energy to attract your dream clients

High Ticket Workshops

Our signature program to amplify your clients, leverage more impact and scale to $20k-50k+ months

Weekly Expert Coaching

Get coached weekly by not one but TWO 7-figure coaches! Learn, grow and uplevel with the community!

All Our Programs

Learn all the skills and strategies you need to grow your coaching or healing business and reach your goals. These are proven strategies that have taken us to 7 figures, and our clients to 6- and multi-6-figures.

All Our Masterclasses

Access our latest learnings as we learn them, and see behind the scenes of our 7-figure run-rate businesses. Get access to all pre-recorded masterclasses and any new ones we create while in the program.

Close-knit Community

Develop connection & friendships with people who get you as an online entrepreneur. Build a network of supportive, likeminded women all growing your businesses and overcoming challenges together.
"I made $46k in 3 months with my workshop - and I'm still running them!"
Jo Zulaica - Leadership Coach - USA
"I hit $16k with my workshop for yoga teachers”
Brockell Briddle - Yoga Mentor - USA

Also Included in Inner Circle with Rosie & Rab:

Access to ALL Our Programs & Any New Programs We Create During the Program!

- How to shift your frequency to match the results you’re aiming for in your business so that those results collapse into your physical reality. 
- How to uplevel your energy so you are seen as the authority in your industry and clients flock to you. 
- Quantum leap in a sustainable way by increasing your energetic capacity for more. 
- How to clear what blocks most of us from even imagining a bigger business, and remove the beliefs that keep you stuck so you can achieve your goals without struggle or sacrifice. 
- The daily practical & energetic activities to create 7-figures and how to connect with the vibe of your next level.
- A whole new organic marketing strategy based on my most recent social media testing and discoveries. The new frontier in social selling.
- Master Instagram organic growth and create authority quickly on Instagram. 
- Sell every day with Instagram stories, Reels hacks to easily & authentically use this trend - zero dancing required
- The subtle differences between Facebook & Instagram and how to change your content style for both
- How to create content quickly & consistently.
- This is where you come to quantum leap forward in your confidence in your work.  
- You’ll uplevel your programs and service to create your best work ever
- You’ll shift your mindset around your pricing so you can charge your true worth
- Learn the strategy of a successful high ticket & ultra high ticket online coaching/healing program. 
- Become a premium brand in your industry. 
- Become known as a top authority in your space.
- Learn how to sell Ultra High Ticket packages for $10k+ and $100k+
- Free up your time and scale your client base without needing to get on the phone with every single client you sign!
- How we’ve broken “what’s possible” in the coaching industry and sold programs up to $12,000 straight from a web page - no call!
- How to implement re-selling into your business model so that you can make new sales with existing clients
- How to present your programs easily and quickly without long sales pages or complex funnels
- The mindset required to successfully sell high ticket programs without a sales call

And - access to ALL our Masterclasses & Any New Masterclasses We Create During the Program!!

- How to reconnect with your goals when you fall out of momentum
- Shift your energy to align with your biggest dreams & goals & have them become real
- The daily practical steps & habits to create your biggest dreams through your business
Behind the scenes of our record month in our business: $168k in 30 days!

- What we did differently to nearly double our revenue month on month
- Bonus Q&A recording with Rab answering questions

Though we had just made $700k, I felt a nudge that things could get even better. I followed that calling & I created a brand new program. I didn't know if it would work. I didn't know if anyone would buy… then we did close to $100k sales in 3 weeks...! I made a BOLD MOVE. And it paid off.

In this special class, I'll share:
- How I planned and managed this big pivot in my business. 
- How to pull off a bold move... and succeed immediately. 
- How to hold the energy and the vision even when you think you're totally crazy for taking such a bold leap!

The actions to take to create wealth (not just the mindset).

- How to make more money
- How to keep more money
- How to protect your wealth & grow it

The key to making sales and getting paid every month, no matter what? Building a brand.

With a brand, you are known. Your work stands out. And the right clients are magnetised to you. A brand is the equivalent of a first impression for your business. It’s how people decide whether they vibe with you or not.

Part of your brand is your colour palette, logo and images, yes. But your brand is also a LOT more than that…

In this masterclass, I’ll be diving deep into how to create a compelling, magnetic visual & energetic brand that has your ideal customers subconsciously shouting “YES!” to working with you as soon as they discover you!
Last month in our other business, we booked 45 sales calls from ONE simple yet strategic 15 minute video. Even better - because of this video, conversion rates on the calls nearly doubled! These calls all came organically - no paid ads.

So in this Masterclass, Rab is going to walk you through exactly how you can set up your own simple 15 minute video funnel you can make once and use for years to come to book more calls and sign more clients!
Upcoming September 2023!
Last month, we saw two colleagues of ours lose their Instagram accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers. Overnight, their business basically shut down!

How can we ensure that our business stays safe even if the social media overlords shut us down? Answer: an email list.

With an email list, you own your own data. It can’t be taken away from you.  Growing our list is a key priority each month. We need a constant flow of new leads coming into our businesses.

And in this masterclass, Rab is going to share our favourite strategies we’ve developed in 10 years of growing email lists for our companies, so that we can keep making sales no matter what.
Upcoming October 2023!
In the last 10 years of growing my business to 7 figures, I’ve learned one surprising fact… Once you’ve mastered the basics of certain foundational strategies, learning MORE isn’t actually the way to keep growing.

In fact, simple strategies are easier to scale to $100k+ months… So why is everyone not already at $20k, $50k or $100k months?

Because growth comes from something else. It comes from Inner Leadership. We need to be able to lead ourselves through fear, challenge and uncertainty.

No one who has reached $50k-$100k a month has done so “easily”. We all have arrows in our backs. We’ve reached those higher levels because we could lead ourselves through the challenges that blocked us.

And the great thing is that you can LEARN Inner Leadership. So that is exactly what we are going to do in this Masterclass! No matter where you are in business, developing Inner Leadership will quickly unlock new levels of success and growth. I’m excited to share these secrets with you!
Upcoming November 2023!
If you’re tired of creating content every day, this one is for you! 

Posting to Instagram and Facebook is awesome, but the content you create disappears after a day or so.

But Youtube is different because it is a search engine, not a social media channel. Meaning, the videos you create can still show up in your ideal client’s searches months and years after you make them!

With the right YouTube strategy, you can create an unstoppable machine that brings you leads every day even if you stop creating new videos!

And so in November we are going to be hosting a 21-Day YouTube Challenge to guide you through setting up your YouTube Channel and start creating the right videos that will help you to attract more leads to your business on a long term basis.
Upcoming December 2023!
If you’re currently a solopreneur or just have a part time VA, creating a team can supercharge your business.

Imagine hiring someone into every function of your business that you currently handle? How freeing would that be? What kind of growth could that unlock?

We’ve made A LOT of mistakes in hiring team members over the years. And we have learned so much from that! And we’re now running a team of 5+ people in our other business, with more joining in the coming months.

In this masterclass, I’ll be teaching you:
- Who to hire, and when to grow fast without adding to your cost base 
- When NOT to hire (and how that can implode your business)
- How to choose the right people who support you and doa great job
- How to manage and lead your team to create an unstoppable force 
- How to use your team to exponentially grow your business in 2024 so you can maximise your impact and feel fully supported

PLUS more coming in 2024!

And - access to our amazing client community!

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Some More Client Results in Inner Circle...

How to Work With Us:

High Ticket Workshops:
What's Included:
  • 3 months of weekly group coaching calls: Be coached by two 7 figure coaches, Rosie & Rab, for 3 months!
  • ​+ High Ticket Workshops: The modules of our signature advanced 3-month program to scale to $20-$50k+ months as a coach or healer
  • ​+ Amazing, supportive community: 3 month access to our community of coaches & healers



or $2,222 x3

3 month program

Inner Circle - Regular
What's Included:
  • 12 months of weekly group coaching calls: Be coached by two 7 figure coaches, Rosie & Rab, for a whole year!
  • ​+ High Ticket Workshops: The modules of our advanced signature 3-month program to amplify your impact and hit $20k-50k months
  • ​+ Amazing, supportive community: 1 year access to our global community of coaches & healers
  • ​+ All our programs: Access our full suite of trainings on everything from raising your frequency, to selling ultra high ticket, to selling without sales calls
  • ​​+ All our masterclasses: Access our full suite of masterclasses - and new ones we create while you're in the program!



or $777 x12

1 year program

Inner Circle - VIP
What's Included:
  • 12 months of weekly group coaching calls: Be coached by two 7 figure coaches, Rosie & Rab, for a whole year!
  • ​+ High Ticket Workshops: The modules of our advanced signature 3-month program to amplify your impact and hit $20k-50k months
  • + Amazing, supportive community: 1 year access to our global community of coaches & healers
  • ​+ All our programs: Access our full suite of trainings on everything from raising your frequency, to selling ultra high ticket, to selling without sales calls
  • + All our masterclasses: Access our full suite of masterclasses - and new ones we create while you're in the program!
  • ​1:1 Deep Dive Review with Rosie on your High Ticket Workshops script
  • 1:1 Deep Dive Review with Rab on your Workshop Ads



or $999 x12

1 year program



or $2,222 x3

3 month program



or $777 x12

1 year program



or $999 x12

1 year program

Plus Pay Upfront Bonus!

Pay upfront and receive a 1:1 strategy call with Rosie & Rab!

More Client Results From Our Programs...

From $100 a session to $10k month in just 13 weeks
Natasha Burns - Homeopath - UK
“I got 14 high ticket clients and I feel so confident in the work I do now”
Jill Coole - Hypnotherapist - Australia
"I had a $5k week and I quit 
my day job!"
Anna Fryxelius - Chronic Pain Specialist - Norway
"I had to open an extra day in my practice and I've sold high ticket!"
Nicole Schlogel - Vegan Midwife - N. Ireland
"I'm making money and I finally have a structure to my business"
Emelie Johanna - Spiritual Relationships - Sweden
"$6,000 in a week - and I'm a new entrepreneur!"
Olga Dos Santos - Wellness Coach - Canada

Use Your $1,111 Masterclass Credit Before Feb 28th!

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Inner Circle for?

Inner Circle is for any coach or healer who wants to grow their business, make more money and have their greatest impact. We have programs for complete beginners & those earning less than $10k months (Impact Accelerator) and also more advanced programs for those looking to hit multiple 6 figures (High Ticket Workshops, Next Level Offers) as well as programs for all levels (Frequency, Social Media Maven)

What do I need to have in place before starting?

Come as you are! This program offers training & strategy for every level of coach or healer. You could be brand new in business, or an experienced six figure business owner. There are programs for every level in business and access to experienced 7-figure coaches.

Do I get live coaching access?

Yes! You get access to a weekly coaching call where you can ask your questions. These alternate between Rosie & Rab. The calls currently last for up to 60 minutes and we answer as many questions as we can in that time (we may extend to 90 minutes once the group is large enough).

Are the calls recorded?

Yes all calls are streamed into the community Facebook group so you can access them from there. All program content is recorded and available in your members' area.

How long does it usually take your clients to start making money once they start working with you?

This depends so much on the client in question! We've had brand new coaches hit their first $10k month within 3 months. We've had healers go from 0 to 7 clients in just 8 weeks. And we've had some clients get their first sales in months 4 or 6. We bring the strategy, energetic practices & coaching support, and you're the one who implements them.

I’m already in a programme, should I still join your programs?

Inner Circle is more than just a program. It's a community and a family, as well as teaching all the strategies that have helped us create a 7 figure business, and our clients create 6- and multiple 6-figure businesses. Many of our clients jump in from other programs.

Does this only work for business coaches?

Not at all. Check out our client testimonials and you'll see that almost none of our clients are business coaches! We have corporate confidence coaches, cancer specialists, language teachers, executive coaches, energy healers, fertility specialists, parenting coaches & more in our programs!

What dates are the event?

This is still in planning but the aim is September or October 2023. Rest assured it will be an INCREDIBLE event!

Are the programs lifetime access?

You receive access to the programs for the duration of your subscription (12 months for Inner Circle and 3 months for Impact Accelerator). You are so welcome to renew for future years as well if you wish to!

Do I get 1:1 coaching time with Rosie or Rab?

Inner Circle does not come with specific 1:1 time other than the pay upfront bonus 1:1 call. You will have weekly access to the coaching calls with Rosie & Rab and we sometimes take on 1:1 coaching clients at our current market rate.

When are the group calls?

Our group calls are afternoon Europe time / morning time in North America, currently Thursdays.
There are replays available if you can't make the live calls.

How much time does the program take?

As much time as you would like to give it! This is your journey and you do what works for you. We've had stay at home Mum's of six kids who had 12 hours a week of childcare do this program and hit $26k months. You do whatever you can!

More Client Results From Our Programs...

"It gave me permission to be me and promote myself in an aligned way"
Kimberly Kwon Davis - USA
"$6,000 in coaching income so far vs. $1,000 the year before"
Stacy Kellogg - USA
"Loved the individualised coaching - this program is different"
Dorothy Villeneuve - Canada
"The smartest decision I've ever made professionally & personally"
Janie Graham - Scotland

Use Your $1,111 Masterclass Credit Before Feb 28th!

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